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メットライフ生命保険株式会社(代表執行役 会長 社長 サシン・N・シャー)は、英国の国際経済誌「The Economist」グループの調査部門であるエコノミスト・インテリジェンス・ユニット(EIU)が、当社の全面協力の下で健康管理や金融資産などに関する国際調査報告書をまとめたことをお知らせします。この報告書は、日本をはじめとする8カ国・地域の人々が、健康や資産管理、クオリティ・オブ・ライフ(QOL)に関してどの程度正しい知識を備えているのか、実際の数値やデータと比べて明らかにすることを目的としています。



メットライフ生命 代表執行役 会長 社長のサシン・N・シャーは次のようにコメントしています。「この調査で明らかになったのは、高齢化に伴う健康や金融のリスクについて、人々がいまだ十分な知識を持ち合わせていないということです。人々がより一層健康で充実した人生を歩むために、官民や産業間で協力を行い教育や知見を提供することで、この知識不足の解消が可能と考えます」

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メットライフ生命は、日本初の外資系生命保険会社として1973年に営業を開始し、多様な販売チャネルを通して、個人・法人のお客さまに革新的かつ幅広いリスクに対応できる商品を提供してまいりました。現在は日本法人「メットライフ生命保険株式会社」として、お客さまに常に寄り添い、お客さま自らが自信を持って最適な保障を選ぶお手伝いをし続けることに努めています。 (リンク »)

MetLife-supported EIU study highlights need for education on health, wealth and quality of life

Tokyo, October 26, 2017 – MetLife Insurance K.K. (MetLife Japan) announced today the release of a report compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU; the research and analysis division of The Economist Group). The report, which is supported by MetLife, addressed perceptions of health, wealth, and quality of life (QOL) in Japan and seven other economies.

Titled “Reality check-ups: Knowledge gaps in health, wealth, and quality of life,” the report was released today to coincide with the Economist Japan Summit 2017. The study surveyed 1,600 people across eight economies – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United States –with questions such as how long respondents can expect to live, what diseases they should be most concerned about, and where their country ranks in terms of retirement income. Respondents’ answers were then compared to “reality” – what citizens of their countries typically experience in these areas based on data and forecasts from the EIU, World Health Organization, World Bank and other credible sources..

While the answers of Japanese people were most in line with the benchmark data, with an average accuracy rate of 47%, there is clearly much room for improvement. For example, 48% of Japanese survey respondents underestimated how long they are likely to live after retirement. While the average lifespan continues to rise, there is currently a 10-to-15-year gap between longevity and healthy longevity , according to a study by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Retired Japanese are now facing the new challenge of remaining healthy throughout their post-retirement lives.
Sachin N. Shah, Chairman, President and CEO, MetLife Japan, said, “The report suggests that people lack sufficient knowledge of the health and financial risks that accompany ageing. Private, public and cross-industry partnerships can provide education and insight that bridge the knowledge gap so that people can lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.”

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