Softek Introduces New Patent Pending Technology To Maintain Application Availability During Unix Data Migrations

Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) Now Supports Non-Disruptive Data Migrations on UNIX Platforms

Softek Storage Solutions Inc.

2005-09-29 00:00

Vienna, Virginia, September 28, 2005 ; Softek Storage Solutions, the leading provider of non-disruptive data migration software for multi-vendor environments, today announced new software that expands support for the Softek Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) product line, with the unique ability to keep UNIX-based applications on-line during data moves.

TDMF UNIX is built on the proven technology of Softek TDMF for z/OS, which has been the standard for non-disruptive, heterogeneous data migration in mainframe environments since 1996 and used by 60 percent of Global 1000 enterprises.

Softek Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) UNIX is host-based data migration software that utilizes patent-pending technologies to dynamically ‘switchover’ the I/O of source volumes to target volumes during the data migration process. Additionally, in the event of an interruption, TDMF UNIX is able to ‘switchback’ to the original source volume with no application disruption.

“With a plethora of operating system versions, data migration in UNIX environments is one of the most problematic activities facing IT administrators today,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Software tools that can automate the data movement process and keep applications, and their associated business processes up and running, such as Softek TDMF UNIX, help storage administrators maintain service level agreement commitments during technology refreshes and other maintenance activities. Softek, having written the book on non-disruptive local data migrations in the mainframe world, now brings their gold-standard expertise to the world of open systems.”

TDMF, on UNIX platforms, is designed for use in local environments to perform activities such as replacing or consolidating storage hardware, implementing tiered storage environments, performing routine server maintenance and load-balancing. Initial customer and reseller-partner testing of TDMF UNIX has demonstrated the attractive value proposition for online data migration for technology replacement, load balancing, system performance improvement and other activities that are frequently performed in enterprise data center environments.

"Following successful testing on a HP Integrity Superdome server attached to IBM storage arrays, we are expecting Softek TDMF UNIX to realize significant improvements in overall system performance during primary operational hours,” said Ad van Leeuwen, senior systems designer at a major international bank based in Amsterdam. “We plan to deploy Softek TDMF UNIX across all our Unix servers as a tool to perform on-line data migrations for technology replacements, as well as for load balancing and to enhance our application service level agreements.”

“We tested TDMF UNIX in our labs, and based on what we saw, we believe that this product will prove to be highly effective in helping us more quickly install new storage and servers for our customers,” said Dan Molina, chief technology officer at Nth Generation, a San Diego, Calif.-based leader in implementing high availability computing, enterprise storage and data protection solutions, with a record of implementing more than 400 successful enterprise-class solutions. “One of the key features we like is the ability to freely switch between source and target volumes early in the migration process to determine how the new storage is performing. If we need to make any modifications, we can then switch back to the old storage without taking any applications off-line. This feature is a real time saver that will help our engineers more quickly complete migration projects and significantly reduce risk to our customers.”

TDMF Unix is the latest release for Softek’s Enterprise Data Migration family of products. It supports the company’s strategy that enables enterprises to see, move and recover data, regardless of server platform or storage vendor, and the promise to reduce the downtime for moving and recovering data.

“TDMF UNIX enhances the company’s strategy for allowing storage administrators the ability to migrate online, anywhere, to and from any vendor’s hardware,” said Amena Ali, senior vice president of worldwide marketing and product strategy. “Our primary research, polling more than 700 IT users, has shown that the majority of data migrations exceed planned levels of staff time, application downtime and budget. Our mission is to help businesses more tightly control these situations to improve their bottom line and ensure that applications are available and running, even through the most complex data migrations.”

Elegantly Designed for Non-Disruptive Local Data Migrations
In addition to its unique dynamic switchover capabilities, other key features of TDMF UNIX include:

* Simple installation; can be loaded on a server in under five minutes with no reboot needed
* Dynamic configuration; to enable set-up after installation with no application disruptions
* Throttled migration; enables users to control the I/O rate, number of concurrent volumes and copy block-size, as well as CPU overhead, for low impact to server-resident applications.
* Full recoverability in the event of server failure
* Scalable; tested in concurrent migrations of more than 1,000 volumes, and with volumes of up to 4 terabytes
* Works with and supports:
- All volume managers, and with or without any file system
- All storage arrays
- High-availability environments, including HA clusters

TDMF UNIX currently operates across HP-UX (RISC and Itanium processors), with support for IBM AIX and Sun Solaris planned for later this fall. Softek offers a variety of licensing options, including enterprise, host-based, and volume-based.


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About Softek
Softek provides non-disruptive data availability solutions that enable companies to see, move and recover data, regardless of server platform or storage vendor.

Softek offers a family of host-based enterprise data migration software, utilizing synchronous, asynchronous and point-in-time copy replication technologies, and covering Unix, Windows and z/OS platforms.

Since 1996, Softek data migration, data replication and storage resource management solutions have helped more than 700 enterprise customers improve data availability while reducing the risk, cost and complexity associated with optimizing multi-vendor storage infrastructures.

Softek Storage Solutions Corporation is an independent software company based in Vienna, Virginia. Technology partners include EMC, Fujitsu, HP and IBM and StorageTek, in addition to VARs and distributors worldwide. For further information, visit
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Director of Asia Pacific
(408) 735-6683


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