ZigBee Alliance OpenHouse-Tokyoのご案内

ZigBee Allianceのオープンハウスが2月28日に開催されます。

有限責任中間法人 ZigBee SIGジャパン 2008年01月18日

ZigBee Alliance Open House – Tokyoの開催について(抄訳)

さて、この度、ZigBee Allianceより、東京でのオープンハウス開催の告知が、同時にお送りする文書の通り行われました。日本における協力団体であるZigBee SIG-Jも、オープン・ハウス-東京のゴールド・スポンサーとして、日本国内外の関係者への支援を行っております。このリリースは、その一環として、ZigBee Allianceのアナウンスの抄訳と補完的な情報をご提供するものです。ご一読の上、オープンハウス-東京へのご支持とご理解を賜れれば幸いです。

名 称: ZigBee Alliance Open House – Tokyo
開催趣旨: 世界中のZigBeeエキスパートを一堂に集め、標準化最新技術情報と成果を公開し、
日 程: 2008年 2月28日(木) 10:00~18:00
会 場:  ホテルラフォーレ東京(左近・松月) 〒140-0001 東京都品川区北品川4-7-36 
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主 催:ZigBee Alliance ( (リンク ») )

入場料: 無料 (事前登録制: (リンク ») )
運 営:  Global Inventures, Inc.
来場対象: ZigBeeシステムベンダー、アプリケーションベンダー、通信キャリア、公共団体、他(400名+)



■スポンサー出展社 (1.16現在)
企業名             (スポンサーレベル)
Texas Instruments (Platinum)
Atmel (Gold Registration)
Daintree Networks (Gold Registration)
RadioPulse (Gold Registration)
Digi International (Gold)
Freescale (Gold)
Hitachi (Gold)
NEC Electronics  (Gold)
NEC Engineering (Gold)
OKI (Gold)
Renesas (Gold)
SIG-J (Gold)
CEST (Silver)
Jennic Ltd. (Silver)
KDDI R&D Labs (Silver)
Meshnetics (Silver)
Mitsubishi Electric (Silver)
OTSL (Silver)
Trilliant Networks (Silver)
TUV (Silver)
Wireless Glue Networks (Silver)

Krista Davi (Ms.)
Event Manager
Global Inventures, Inc. (www.inventures.com)
2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375, San Ramon, CA 94583
T: +1.925.275.6658 | F: +1.925.397.3102
E-mail: kdavi@inventures.com


Open House
February 28, 2008
Tokyo, Japan

Thursday, February 28th starting at 10:00AM ZigBee will begin its Open House activities with an update on ZigBee focusing on its progress and use across energy management and efficiency, home and commercial building automation and industrial plant management areas. Invite your co-workers, customers and vendors to attend and learn more about how they can benefit from ZigBee. This event is free of charge.


To confirm Open House attendance, please complete the online registration form (see below). Meeting registration does not secure you a hotel room. Please complete one registration form for each individual attending by Friday, February 15th. In order for us to provide comfortable accommodations, it is crucial that everyone register in advance.

* ZigBee Guests and Press - Register Here
* ZigBee Members and Adopters - Register Here


o ZigBee Member Company Product Demonstrations
o Opening Session given by Bob Heile, Chairman, ZigBee Alliance
o Technical Breakout Sessions
o Marketing Breakout Sessions
o Networking Reception

The open house agenda will be posted on the ZigBee website www.zigbee.org once finalized.

The Laforet Hotel Tokyo
7-36, Kita-Shinagawa 4-Chome
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001
Hotel Website

Hotel Room Reservations Department
Reservations Phone +81-03-5488-3939
Reservation Fax +81-03-5488-3941
Reservation Email tokyo@laforet.co.jp

To secure your hotel reservation you must fill out Hotel Reservation Application Form and fax or email it to the hotel.

Room Rate: JYP 17,250 breakfast included

The ZigBee Alliance has a room block at the above hotel for use at this conference. You must state you are with the ZigBee Alliance in order to obtain the above rate. Attendees are discouraged to make reservations at other local hotels as ZigBee has negotiated a room block at a contracted rate for your convenience.

The cut-off date for our room block is Friday, February 9th. This contracted room rate is not guaranteed after February 9th. There is limited space in the room block, it’s suggested you make your hotel reservations early. Reservations after that date will only be granted based on availability.

For further information, please contact Krista Davi, Event Manager, ZigBee Alliance at kdavi@inventures.com or +1.925.275.6658.

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有限責任中間法人 ZigBee SIGジャパンの関連情報

有限責任中間法人 ZigBee SIGジャパン



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